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Making Cam Lam’s dried mango go far

Within 2 years, the group not only has made Cam Lam’s dried mango with chili salt become a well-known brand, but also has built many groups to introduce tourists to culture, cuisine, and tourist attractions and local daily life.

Returning from Hanoi after participating in the Vietnam Regional Specialty Fair in 2022, three members of the group including: Dang The Truyen, Nguyen Thanh Phong and Nguyen Thanh Hoang (all 9X generation) set up a booth to display and sell products processed from mango on Dinh Tien Hoang street (Cam Duc town, Cam Lam district).

Nguyen Thanh Hoang shared: “Besides dried mango with chili salt that makes the group’s name, we would like to introduce to visitors the variety of products made from mango such as: mango tea , mango ice cream, mango sticky rice, mango pudding, mango bingsu… so that more people know about Cam Lam with the typical local product of mango.” At the regional specialty fair of Vietnam, within 3 days, more than 200kg of dried mangoes were sold out. 

Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 1
Customers buy dried mango products of Cam Lam at the Typical Agricultural Products Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022.

Talking about the chance to start a business with dried mango products with chili salt, Dang The Truyen – team leader of said that 3 members of the group were born and raised in Cam Lam district. Each person graduated from a different major and was successful with the profession they learned in other localities. In 2020, when the Covid-19 epidemic occurred, they returned to their homeland and meet each other. Cam Lam has a lot of delicious food and beautiful tourist attractions as well as is the capital of mango of Khanh Hoa province and the whole country, but when searching on Internet, there is very little information about Cam Lam. Therefore, the group came up with the intention to build an online community to connect destinations in Cam Lam, in order to help people in the district and tourists know more about their locality. The group took advantage of this strength to execute the plan and was born to introduce culture, cuisine, tourist attractions and daily life of Cam Lam. Gradually, the content on the web is well received and the number of visitors is also increasing.

In order for maintain, the group decided to start a business with a business model of dried mangoes with salt and pepper. Talking about this decision, Truyen shared: “Mango is a fruit with many nutrients, a specialty of Cam Lam land with more than 6,000ha. However, we have seen many times that farmers have to give up or sell their mangoes at a cheap price in bumper crops.”

After many difficulties in testing,’s dried mango product with chili salt has made debut and received positive feedback from customers about its quality. The group also focuses on investing in packaging and labels to make their products like gifts… Currently, the group’s products are sold from 1.5 to 2 tons per month, earning 150-200 million VND/month; creating jobs for nearly 30 people with a salary of 4.5 – 8 million VND/person/month; at the same time helping local people sell mangoes at a stable price.

Truyen said that the result is thanks to the authorities that have facilitated to promote products at fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Moreover, the passion that helps the group pursue success are the products created by the group that are useful to the people of their hometown. In the coming time, will complete the registration of dried mango with salt and pepper as a local OCOP product; cooperate with domestic and foreign units to exploit tourism to learn and experience about the mango capital in Cam Lam district.

Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 2
Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 3
Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 4
Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 5
Making Cam Lam's dried mango go far 6

Currently, camlamonline has built 5 facebook fanpages with tens of thousands of followers and visitors, tiktok channel, youtube camlamonline, etc. and participated in many e-commerce platforms (such as Postmart, Tiki, Lazada, Shopee…). Those has helped the group’s dried mango products as well as Cam Lam’s specialties, images and people to be known by more people at home and abroad.

Thao Ly

Translated by T.T

Customers buy dried mango products of the group at the Typical Agricultural Products Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh in 2022


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